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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photographic Challenge

For artists who choose the camera as their medium, there are many challenges, the first is to convince the public that photography can and is fine art. We are so familiar with the snapshot, the group mug shot at the Grand Canyon, vacation pics and wedding photos that seeing what comes through the camera lens as fine art can be a real leap. There is a world of difference between taking and producing a Fine Art Photograph and snapping off a quick shot. But we have to show the world the difference!

To showcase photography as fine art, as a medium that takes as much creative thinking and hard work, The Renaissance Art Gallery is going to host its second Annual Fine Art Exhibition in July 2010.

The challenge this year is “Color Complements” and the photography should focus on the use of color in the composition of the photograph. The Prospectus is available now at The Renaissance Art Gallery. Or you can download a copy from The Renaissance Art Gallery website: http://www.orgsites.com/wv/renaissance If you wish a copy by mail send a SASE envelop to:

The Renaissance Art Gallery
900 8th Street, Suite #20
Huntington, WV 25701

While this challenge might seem daunting, it is doable. Take a look around and see just how much color plays a part of our everyday life. The photographer in you will be up to this challenge.

Contact The Renaissance Art Gallery:
Gallery (304) 525-3235
Appointments: (304) 453-3187


Gallery hours are:

Friday & Saturday 12-4 pm, Sunday 1-4 pmStudio hours Monday 10-Noon, Wednesday 1:00-7:30 pm and Saturday 10-Noon
PS- All photos for this blog posting by Gallery member Susan Tschantz. Just a small sample of what can be done with a photograph!

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