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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

People’s Choice Award 2012


People walked through The Renaissance Art Gallery all during November admiring the fine miniatures. Each person was given the chance to select his or her own personal favorite. At the end of the month, we counted up the votes.


This vote is always tight. There are so many fabulous and amazing miniatures that is  really is hard to choose a favorite. The People’s Choice award gives everyone a taste of just how hard it is to judge this exhibition. Over 150 people took an interest in the show this year, and while the voting was fierce, and close, we do have a winner.


Sue Wall’s Kitchen Helpers was a clear winner. Sue has been a favorite of guests at the Renaissance Art Gallery's Minaiture show for years, and we are happy to give her the People's Choice award for 2012.
Sue lives in New York City and is an active pet artist. You can see more of Sue's work on her website: http://www.suewallstudio.com/


Sunday, December 9, 2012

It is time to say Good-Bye

Its sad to see the 12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition come to an end. These lovely paintings and works of art seem so happy on our walls, that we will miss them.
Already it is time to take them down. Help those who have purchased a new friend wrap them up, and for others to return to their homes, to seek out a new venue.
We thank all the artists who were part of our show this year, and all our guests who enjoyed the enrichment of fine art. And to the media without whom we could not have had such a wonderful attendence.
Thank you, each of you you helped to make this show special
~The Artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yellow Chickadee

Done in oils, this painting is a real bright spot in our show this year. Esther Marie Versch has painted a Yellow Chickadee. These little birds tend to draw the eye, as this painting does.

Friday, December 7, 2012


"For the Young at Heart"
Judy Ferguson
I love whimsy in art.
Art that is not afraid to laugh.
Don Watts
To enjoy life
"Someone has food!"
Anne Shuff
To show life at its fullest
and sometimes most  absurd.
Whether it is full out or subtle, I love whimsy in art.
"Less is More"
Sharolyn McCray
I love art that shows the joy in everyday objects,
Takes a different view. Turns life upside down.
A celebration of life in all its aspects.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"A Special Place" and "Weeds and Roses"

Lindy Daly
Houston, TX


These beautiful and soft paintings are a joy to look at. Each stroke done with lovely care really draws you in. Although small, there is always something new to meet the eye.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Different Media, Different Strokes

"Gray Cat"
Linda Harbison

Different Media


By far, paintings in watercolor, acrylics and oils are the most common media used by miniature artists today. But they are by no means the only media used.


Miniature artists can and do work in a variety of materials and media.


"Celtic Horse"
David Compertore
This year we had submitted work done in Mixed Fibers, Collage, Hand forged copper, stone, porcelain, pottery, batik and wood.


Among the drawing media used there scratch board, pen & ink, colored pens, felt tip pens. We even had etchings!





Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lenora Long Lancaster


"Soft Shoulders"
Each of the three works by Lenora Long Landcaster (Ridgeley, WV)is unique and shows the range possible with colored pencil.


“Soft Shoulders”


A very soft looking portrait with muted colors.
"Summer Flowers"
“Summer Flowers” has bright sharp features. Each line is clear and defined. There is texture in this piece.


“Old Kessell Barn” has clear lines, almost of photo-realistic clarity.

"Old Kessell Barn"

~Comments by Brenda Jeffrey and Susan Tschantz
The Renaissance Art Gallery

Monday, December 3, 2012

“Golden Stairs”~Yvonne James

“Golden Stairs”

Colored Pencil


Yvonne James

Palm Harbor, FL


There is drama in the composition and use of perspective. This work evokes a feeling of activity; we wonder where the stairs lead. The use of darks vs lights draws the eye up.


~Barb Mannon,
Susan Tschantz,
Renaissance Art Gallery Artist

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soft Shoulders: Lenora Lancaster

"Soft Shoulders"

Lenora Long Lancaster

Ridgeley, WV

Colored Pencil


"I like the muted texture, the details of hair and fabric. There is a feeling of movement from a breeze. This artist understands the use of light."


~Barb Mannon

Artist & Student
Renaissance Art Gallery

“Very soft looking. The colors are muted, soft and Feathery. Love it.”


~Brenda Jeffery

Artist & Student
Renaissance Art Gallery

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Colored Pencil Drawings in Miniature Art


In among the traditional paintings are a growing number of drawings--most in colored pencil. The detail and precision of colored pencil naturally lends itself to the demands of miniature art.
"Yellow Callas"
Nancy Garcia,
Falls Church, VA


  These works of art show the range of colored pencil. It is a flexible medium,   but requires skill and knowledge to weld it expertly. This year’s show includes the work of several master colored pencil artists.

"Taking up Space"
Ann Grimes Lavalette, WV

Friday, November 30, 2012

Myra Carrier's Summertime


Oil by

Myra Carrier

Delray Beach, FL


This oil created by a wonderful artist from Florida, attracted my attention. I enjoyed the artwork and loved the title.


~Laura Moul

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kitchen Helpers, a Miniature

"Kitchen Helpers"




 by Sue Wall from New York.


"I loved this acrylic miniature painting. Great title: loved the cat as a helper."

~Laura Moul,
Renaissance Art Gallery member.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Resthaven Morning

A Painting by James Andrews, Bellevue, OH

"Resthaven Morning"


A wonderful little landscape.


"This miniature oil caught my eye. The artist created a tranquil scene that would be enjoyable to visit."

~Laura Moul
Renaissance Art Gallery Artist


“Looks like the perfect place to fish. Reminds me of a lake I know.”


~Richard Tschantz
Renaissance Art Gallery Guest.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Miniature with An Unusual Title


Beverly Fotheringham's "Red Glow"
"This local artist from North Bend WV, created an interesting acrylic miniature painting. The title did draw me in for a more in-depth look."


~Laura Moul
Renaissance Art Gallery Artist
"Absolutley adore this subject!"
~Susan Tschantz
Renaissance Art Gallery Artist

Monday, November 26, 2012

White House Pueblo

"White House Pueblo"


Robert R. Newport


An interesting painting in an interesting shape. A number of artists this year seemed to embrace the new square canvases and painting panels. White House Pueblo is an acrylic painting on wood block. This gives the painting a different texture than you would get on stretched canvas.


An ancient Indian dwelling in the south west, this small painting manages to give the feeling of depth, of receding into the cliff.
~Susan Tschantz
Renaissance Artist

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carole Carter Nature’s Bounty

Carole Carter
"Nature's Bounty"

We are happy to welcome Carole to our miniature family. This first time exhibitor shows real mastery of still life in both her entries. I am especially drawn to "Nature's Bounty" as it shows an understanding of both layout and balance that can only be admired.
~Susan Tschantz
Renaissance Artist

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Comments on "Dreams of Blue" by Brenda Beatty


I am always surprised to see non-representational work in the miniature show. It seems to me there is just not enough room to be expressive in such a small space. The piece "Dreams of Blue" by Brenda Beatty however, says so much in with so little. With color and value change this work creates an astounding sense of depth and intrigue. The brilliant whites, mixed blues and mysterious reds take you through layers of vertical structure to an unknowable distance. All the size of a cell phone. Neat!


~Ron Haeberle
Renaissance Artist


Friday, November 23, 2012

Yvonne Boone "Aegean Charm"

"Aegean Charm"



 Although I've never traveled to the Aegean, I enjoyed seeing this watercolor which made me want to visit this part of the world. This Virginia artist created a wonderful miniature painting.


~Laura Moul
Renaissance Artist

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ronnie Cramer - Red Ducati

"Red Ducati"


Ronnie Cramer, Denver CO




This entry from Colorado caught my attention, just took me back to my high school days when I was not allowed to go riding with my friend. Needless to say, we solved that problem and enjoyed many fun days riding his motorcycle. But “Red Ducati”,” Red Moto” and “Yellow Yamaha”, look like more fun than our Harley.


~ Fern Christian


Renaissance Art Gallery

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Award of Excellence

The miniature thought to be the most outstanding example of miniature art in this years show is


Glenn Leung, Philadephia, PA

"Shess & Antique"


Extraordinary, meticulous and absurd detail with an overall stunning composition. This painting is magnificent! A beautiful representation of light and reflection. The overall piece shows extreme mastery of technical execution.
It begs us to remember the Masters!

~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Place

1st Place


J. Laird-Lagassee,
Auburn, ME

"Apples on a Table"
Water Color


Such a simple theme that evolves into an exquisite painting. The use of primary colors with a touch of elegance and beauty from three apples. Again, unbelievable detail and visual acuity at the highest level.

~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition


Monday, November 19, 2012

Second Place

2nd Place


Gail Mac Argel, Saint Peters, MO



A quite lovely and well conceived composition that speaks to the Classical. The color scheme and use of light is just so stunning and powerful! Amazing, just amazing!

~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teacher’s Merit Award

The artists teaching at the Renaissance Art Gallery sponsor this award and we are happy to award it this year to

Bob Ivers, Horsehead, NY

"Tools of the Trade"

Great composition and use of line and color.

~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Of Special Merit 2

Richard Bulman, Bellingham, WA

Drypoint Etching

Elegance and a sheer beautiful aesthetic along with the excellent choice of media with paper.

~Tom Suter,

Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Of Special Merit

Merit Awards


Merit awards went to:


Lena Leitzke, Shoreline, WA

Mixed Media


Nice composition with emphasis on captured sunlight and color scheme.
~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition





Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Honor of Artists III

Our Last Honorable mention went to:

Dolores Andrew, Baltimore, MD

"Corn Hill Doorways"
Pen & Ink

Excellent Linear Perspective in such a simple but complex way. Great line work with mass and light.

~Tom Suter,

Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Honor of Artists II

Also winning an Honorable Mentions is:

Judith Bayes, Treasure Island, FL


Such a stunning, dramatic and interesting composition, yet simple. Great use of triangles and complimentary colors

~Tom Suter,

Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition

Monday, November 12, 2012

In Honor of Artists I

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention awards went to:



Beverly Fotheringham, North Bend, WV

"Morning Light"


What a great example of using complimentary colors and geometry to frame such a lovely animal. Great details on the fur!
~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition








Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Compliment to Artists

Complimentary Awards



Three complimentary awards were given this year to:



Ruth K. Penn, Dunkirk, MD

"Parade of Pots"


Such attention to minute details, a marvelous work that is displayed with thought and admiration.


Yvonne James, Palm Harbor, FL

"Spotted Cat"
Colored Pencil


I can hear the music and feel the rhythm of this place. Very nice narrative capturing a great moment



Behzad Fallahi, Esfahn-Iran

"Omar Khayyam, (Poet)"


Very nice brush work and an engaging composition that leaves us with intrigue and an element of mystery!

~Tom Suter,
Juror, 2012
12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition




Saturday, November 10, 2012

Juror’s Statement – The 12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition


First of all, a special thank you to all of the people who made this event possible Allowing me the distinct privilege to jury this unique show is quite an honor. The overall range, individual talent and quality of these works are quite impressive. The extreme technical execution and extraordinary detail amazes me!


This exhibition has great variety in technique and subject matter, showing a broad range of approaches to the technical and formal concerns of miniature art making. A great number of pieces seemed to address formal concerns such as rendering of light, composition and use of color. All of the artworks were viewed many times very closely and carefully before final selections were made. Please keep in mind that a single juror brings a certain bias to the selection process, and sees the work through his or her own “mind and eyes.” It is entirely possible, even highly probable, that another juror may select and comprise a totally and very different show!


Congratulations to all of you, whether your work was ultimately awarded a place or not. It is truly an act of bravery to put yourself forward in such a manner, to submit work that may be very near and dear to your heart to be judged by one. Indeed, we are all so thankful that you had the courage to accept the challenge, put forth the time and effort and share with us your gifts and talents! Go forth and excel with dignity.


Never stop making art.




Thomas E. Suter

Friday, November 9, 2012

Awards and Comments

Of course one of the things people are most interested in with any new art show are the selections and comments of the juror. What did she/he like? What didn't he like? Why?

This year's Juror was Tom Suter, director of art Ohio University at OU Southern.
To him fell the daunting task of reviewing all the work entered into the 12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition and selecting the few, the proud and the beautiful.

Not easy.

We had 70 entries, from 19 states and Iran as well and many, many local artists from Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. So there was a lot of art to look at!

But he proved up to the task.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reception, 2012

 Our reception for the 12th Annual National Minature Exhibition was well attended

People spent their time admiring the art and selecting their favorites

We had a great refreshment table

Many people made their choice of favorite a purchase.

Local Media did a good job covering the opening

Huntington's Herald-Dispatch