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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robbie Poore and Fixing up the Gallery

Another week has gone by. March is quickly coming to an end. I came into the gallery and finished up addressing and labeling the reception postcards invitations for the May Fine Arts show. Now all I need are stamps and they can go out the first 2 weeks of April.

We are all working on Robbie Poore’s reception April 3. Robbie has done quite a bit of work on his show. I know that these are all new pieces. Robbie has made sure no one has seen these before, so I think it will make the show rather special.

I am hoping for a large turn out for the reception. This will be Robbie Poore’s first show with The Renaissance Art Gallery. There has been a lot of interest in his work shown since he joined the gallery last fall. I know the 3 pieces he entered in the Miniature show in November caused quite a stir! I can’t wait until the entire room is made over in his bits and pieces.
New Walls
Ron Haeberle is working on the new display wall in the main gallery. It is really going to be something, and will improve the look and flow of the gallery. We have some major changes to The Renaissance Art Gallery. It is going to make such a difference in what we can display. While we all love being in a historic building, having historic wiring is not nearly as much fun! Just having the new circuits has already made a difference. With the new display wall and proper display lighting, the main gallery will be much more inviting.

Renaissance Gallery Art

Renaissance Gallery Art

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Renaissance Gallery Art


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OUR  Most Valuable Member of the Month ---------- 

 Susan Tschantz 

We members would be hard pressed to find a replacement for this busy lady.  Susan teaches drawing classes each Wednesday afternoon, keeps the website updated, as well as our blog site, and does planning for future exhibits .

Just recently several of our members were involved in various shows and Susan did press releases for all of them that really stirred community and participation, put all that information on our Facebook, our website, and blog site.  She even helped one member with his artist statement, another with photos and helpful information.

 She made suggestions to teachers about how to teach their students during classes, worried about work schedules,  while meeting and making suggestions to our contractor/decorator about his work in progress .

So , thanks to you Susan Tschantz-----you're most valuable !!

Your fearless President and Director, Fern Christian

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Art Show

Spring Flowers
S. Tschantz

The Renaissance Art Gallery is planning an open entry art show for May 2011. Open entry means this show is open to non-gallery members, ea. all artists 18 and older. The chosen theme this year is “Parks and Recreation”.

Just what does that mean? I don’t know, you tell us. All fine art media are welcome. Awards will be given to those artists who, in our judge’s opinion, best express this theme. So think about it. How would you paint, sculpt, mold, fold or mutilate or otherwise produce a piece of find art to this theme? Would you do a painting representing Ritter Park? Kids playing ball, your dad watching TV? Or bulling on the playground? What does “Parks and Recreation” mean to you? Think like an artist and let us see just how creative you can be.

Confusion In The Prospectus

It has come to my attention, by a couple of gallery members, that our prospectus for the spring show might be a tad confusing. Our Show Schedule is tight this year. Because of extensive remodeling of the gallery, we just will not be able to hold a separate fine art photography show as we usually do. So we decided to roll that back into the spring show, as it was for the first couple of years. Now, when I put that back into the prospectus, I was not as careful as I should have been. This is the confusing part:

Work: Original works in any traditional media, prints from original plates, or sculptures will be accepted, provided they have not been exhibited at any previous Renaissance Art Gallery show. Photography must be marked photography and will be judged separately. Reproductions not accepted. Artwork must be the original and cannot contain or be based on any work copyrighted by another artist. No derivative works!

Crafts and artworks produced by photographic, giclee, laser or digital techniques will not be accepted.

The sentence allowing photography should have been its own paragraph and after the text.

We strive to show the best in ORIGINAL art in the Renaissance Art Gallery. So all paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc must be the original. We will not accept a print of the original artwork, nor do we accept work based on someone else’s work.

But how does that affect fine art photography, which by its vary nature is a print?

Well, that should have read like this:

Work: Original works in any traditional media, prints from original plates, or sculptures will be accepted, provided they have not been exhibited at any previous Renaissance Art Gallery show. Reproductions not accepted. Artwork must be the original and cannot contain or be based on any work copyrighted by another artist. No derivative works!

Crafts and artworks produced by photographic, giclee, laser or digital techniques will not be accepted.

Fine Art Photography will be accepted in this show, but must be clearly marked photography and will be judged separately.

If you have any questions, please write or call us. We really want to display your work in our gallery. E-mail is gallerywv@yahoo.com, phone number is 304-525-3235. Or simply ad a comment to the end of this post, and we will answer all your questions.

We still will not accept copies of your work instead of the original. Artwork that incorporated your original photography will be accepted, but must be marked photography and must be all your own work. Digital work can be used, and yes, you can fold spindle and mutilate in the computer. You can output as creatively as you desire, but the work must be presentable and ready to hang. Do not use frames with saw tooth hangers. Ever. No. No. No!

Empty Gallery
Gallery Changes

The Renaissance Art Gallery does not look much like itself right now. In a word, it is a mess! Things pulled out, desks in a jumble, and things put anywhere. The main gallery is just about empty of artwork, or anything else right now.

While we love our gallery, and enjoy being in a historic building, there are drawbacks. When you are in a historic building you inherit historic wiring! This has been the bane of our existence for the past 10 years. Finally, we have gotten the powers that be to approve and install some much-needed upgrades to the wiring in the two rooms we occupy. It has always been the intent of the artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery to display fine artwork to its best advantage. While we have struggled with putting the art on display and lighting the gallery, even our best friends would not disagree that the lighting at times leaves something to be desired. And we did. Desire better that is. Now, with new circuits available we can upgrade the lighting in the main gallery. And this will be done.

But in addition to upgrading the lighting, we are also upgrading the general look of the Renaissance Art Gallery. The floor is being repainted in a more reflective color, which will also help to brighten the gallery. The wall display areas are being covered in a newer, light carpet that will help to display the artwork with fewer reflections.

A new center display wall will be built to allow not only more display space but will allow larger pieces to be hung and viewed more easily.

All of this hopefully will make local artwork more accessible to everyone

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring at The Renaissance Art Gallery

S. Tschantz
I Saw A Bud

Pulling into The Renaissance Art Gallery parking lot last Wednesday, I saw a small green bud. The radio was casting out the news of coming bad weather-a return to winter come the weekend,

But I saw a bud

And it was encouraging.

Returned Mail

Waiting by the computer were 3 envelopes containing the prospectus for the Spring Fine Arts Show, “Parks & Recreation”. All were local and all were “return to sender”, “undeliverable as addressed” “unable to forward”. There was a couple more in the mailbox. Like I said, all were local. Of the 10 that came back 9 were members of Tri-State Art Association. So someone is not keeping up their contact information!

If you do not receive your prospectus for the Spring Fine Arts Show by the end of the week, check to make sure we have your current address. All our addresses were taken from the last two open entry show’s entry forms. Another reason to make sure when you use these forms that they are legible. If you did not receive a form, please write to us and update your contact information.

You can get a prospectus by coming into the gallery, or you can request one by e-mail. Renaissance Art Gallery e-mail is gallerywv@yahoo.com.

Anyone interested, is 18 years old or older and lives in North America can also request a prospectus from us, or download one off The Renaissance Art Gallery website.

R. Poore


Robbie Poore has his artwork ready for his April show, but is sweating over the dreaded Artist’s Statement. How many of you have actually written such a document? One of the harder pieces of prose to write! How to you talk about something that is essentially instinctual? An artist’s statement is only second to the Artist’s Biography is giving us poor visual people the hives! If writing the artist statement is soul-bear in its intensity, the artist’s Biography can be down right embarrassing. There is just something about talking about yourself in the third person that seems utterly ridiculous. There is always the question of what to include, what to leave out not to mention, does anyone ever really read those things?