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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don Watts

Don Watts of Huntington, WV

Don Watts is an artist that is so versatile that he could have been any one of a hundred different painters. He handles design work in his paintings so that the patterns mesmerize the viewer! His use of bold and brilliant color in one piece might be offset by subtle and muted tones in another. He loves geometric shapes, but is also a master at organic shapes. He also possesses two characteristics that many artists fail at miserably.....persistence and dedication to his art.

~Lillianne Bowersock

"A painting should take you to a place you cannot go on an ordinary day".

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Debi Davis

in graphite


Debi M. Davis

Raleigh, NC

To so may people, artists included, pencil drawings are just for preliminary art. Not a finished art medium. Debi Davis of Raleigh, NC proves them wrong. For such a small work, the depth she has gotten with this very small miniature is a real accomplishment. The water almost seems to shimmer on the paper. The feathers seem to move as these birds prepare to take off. Although little more than the birds and water are shown, the feeling is of a much bigger venue.

This drawing holds it own against the more color full paintings.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Three-dimensional Miniatures

Whimsy seems to dominate the sculptural entries this year. And we are all delighted!

Guy Purcell of Ashland, KY calls one of his Bass woodcarvings, “Deep Thought”. Such concentration!

Barbara Gray of Glenwood, WV presented us with wood-burning plaques that combine three-dimensional work with drawings of outdoor life.

Husband Earl Gray gave us a two-faced statue, appropriately named, “2-sided animal, along with a fine piece of West Virginia Sandstone, reminiscent of the monstrous heads of Easter Island, “Jimmy D”

Again this year potter Brennan Cleary of Ironton, OH graced our show with her whimsical tiny jars, “Venus”, “Vincent” and “Jack”.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Karen Chamblin

Belmont, WV

We all know the rules about composition, and are aware of how bright colors draw the eye. I remember one artist being told by her gallery to “put something red in it” to boost her sales. While this might be a good marketing strategy, few artists follow the dictates of marketing when planning their artwork.

But we do know the rules of composition, and generally, we don’t center our focus. Karen shows she not only understand these rules, and knows how to use them, but also when to ignore them. All three paintings entered into this year’s miniature shows she does understand composition, the use of color and has more than mastered the still life. But to me, and many others visiting the Renaissance Art Gallery, her oil painting “Bathing Sparrow” shows true understanding of just what a miniature is all about. Miniatures should draw you in. Over and over I have seen people lean forward to take in the subtle details of this fine painting. It is almost a monochromatic painting, depending on both the use of value and texture to show us just how the little sparrow looks while bathing. We are drawn into this painting, despite, or even because of the lack of detail anywhere but on the bird. We “see” the story. Experience the quality of wet feathers in a shallow pool.

Both “Golden Roses” and “Cantaloupe & Rose” are fine paintings, but the really outstanding piece in this collection is “Bathing Sparrow”.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dolores Andrew

“Looks like a place I would like to live”

was a comment made by one person of Dolores Andrew’s watercolors. Both “Apothecary Morning” and “Old Bank Barn” have that almost idealized country look. However, “Sketch Class” will have a definite pull on any artist. This outline drawing could be of any drawing class, like the ones we all have attended.

Dolores is from Baltimore, MD.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sylvia Jackson

Consistency and competence is what distinguishes the work of Sylvia Jackson of Catlettsburg, KY. I have admired her work for years. But this year I had the chance to meet and talk with her when she brought her work into The Renaissance Art Gallery.

Each of her lovely watercolors could stand alone, but together they create an unforgettable presence at the gallery. “Cardinal on the Fence” “Winter Cardinals” and “Cardinals II” hang together as complimentary works. While each is complete in itself, together each adds to the impact of the others.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Favorite Painting Miniatures 2011

“Gotchya” – Acrylic
Wayne Chunat, Malvern, OH


I love the colors and drama in this detailed painting. The painting tells a story and makes me wonder what happens next.

~Pati Payne

Note: I voted on this painting for the People’s Choice Award.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bobbie Stout

Most improved Artist

Bobbie Stout was a student of both Bowersocks. Through the years, and we are so excited and pleased about her improvement as an artist. Lillianne especially likes “At Peace” and Bruce “Country Road, WV”. Bobbie exhibits exactly the dedication and perseverance necessary to succeed at any endeavor.

~ Lillianne Bowersock

"A painting should take you to a place you cannot go on an ordinary day!"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barbara Delligatti- Miniaturist

Little Jewel

When my husband, Bruce and I hung the miniature show I decided that one of my favorites was “Surreal Snow” by Barbara Delligatti of Ona, WV. Her use of masking fluid for snow flakes and the beautiful jewel tones hues of the forest makes this little jewel of real treasure. Barb is an example of an artist who paints everyday and is never afraid to try a new media and new ideas. She is a wonderful artist.

Barbara Delligatti- Ona, WV

~Lilliannne Bowersock

"A painting should take you to a place you cannot go on an ordinary day!"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lenore Long Lancaster-Miniature Entrant

Lenore Long Lancaster,

Lenore is from Ridgeley, WV

Lenore is working in colored pencil, a medium I have come to adore. It takes work, though to build up layers into something worthy of the name art. Lenore has mastered this. “Evening Tie Up” is reminiscent of really good watercolors of coastal waters, but “Ride Home” is a well-drawn country scene that everyone will recognize on an emotional level.

You can tell she really loves working in this medium. And she is passionate about art.

~Comments by Susan Tschantz, Renaissance Artist

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Patti Del Checcolo-Traditional and Experimental

Patti del Checcolo hails from South Point, Ohio and has submitted a double entry into this years show. However, each set shows a different take on art. She does an excellent job with the traditional floral still life. Her work shows a vibrant use of color and value, Her brush strokes are sure and well defined. A real pleasure to see and display.

Then there is the other side of Patti, the whimsical side. Now I am not overly fond of chicken paintings. They are traditional and they are popular, but I can’t say I have ever been moved by them. Patti, however, shows a unique perspective on poultry art. Here her personal style of vibrant colors meets a more impressionistic take on the farmyard beasties. “Whos Hen” is a delightfully impressionist view of chickens with bright colors and strong brushstrokes. Taking it one step further is “Who’s Hen”, a total abstraction almost of feather’s flying. Really, these are two paintings that are worth seeing.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Comments on Art in the 11th Miniature Show

There has been a lot of talk about the artwork this year entered into the 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Just like people the art is eclectic. Opinions vary as do tastes, but that is what makes a great show.
The work of
Behzad Fallahi

Some people like the more exotic art.

"I enjoyed seeing the paintings by Behzad Fallahi from Esfahan, Iran. They are so beautiful and show the different culture and painting style of that country.

It is a fantastic art show and I am so proud of Renaissance for having it."

~Pati Payne

Others enjoyed getting deeper in the imagery.

"One that stood out for me was Levade by Janet Laird-Lagassee. At first glance, this looked as if it might have been a painting of an equestrian monument with a turbulent sky in the background. Closer examination indicated that it was a still life of a small equestrian statue with glass containers (wine glasses?) in the background. The dramatic sky and rearing pose of the horse got my attention, then the glasses made me realize that there was something else going on."

~Linda Harbison

by Janet Laird-Lagassee

Friday, November 18, 2011

55 Artists On Display

All in one room! That is 165 pieces of fine art!



Miniatures Make It Possible To Assemble A Real Art Collection In One Small Space.

3 works by
Pati Payne
In a decade long tradition, The Renaissance Art Gallery has hung it’s 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Actually, it is now an International Exhibition with artwork coming in from other countries. That is how big this little show has grown! We still bring in the best of the Tri-State, with many local artists bringing their work in, but now it hangs side by side with the best from across the country.

What An Opportunity For You!

The miniature as an art form is one that many people want to hold in their hands like a jewel or something precious. It is a much more intimate format than the large monumental pieces often seen at museums. These small pieces simply beg to be looked at from all angles, to be marveled over and admired. No other format seems to be so personal. These are indeed, concentrated images that please all who see them.

3 works by
Karen Chamblin

The current miniature show at The Renaissance Gallery in Huntington continues to amaze anyone who views it. Miniatures would make a wonderful holiday gift and very detailed paintings are very small (some less than 2 inches by 1 ½ inches). An original miniature from the show could become a collectible artwork. Over 17 states and 2 countries are represented. With 150 pieces of art remaining, the diversity of subjects and styles is amazing too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Juror's Comments - First, Second and Excellence

The last three awards were probably the hardest. How do you decide, amoung an excellent field just who is best? What pieces are the most outstanding? This was the hard choice that Robert Hutton faced. Mr. Hutton took this seriously, as he reviewed each work hanging on our walls. But finally a decision had to be made.

Second Place: 

Went to  Judith E. Bayes of Treasure Island, Fl for “Reflective Moment” . Mr Hutton's comments are: This watery sunset evokes a nostalgic mood of quiet and loneliness.

First Place

 is awarded to Nita Sue Kent of Huntington, WV for“A Really Good Beer” 

with the comments:  Raw, somber and ritualistic-strong emotional feel.

and last but certainly not least, our
Award of Excellence,

that which Mr. Hutton, in his opinion most represented both the spirit of the miniature and the highest standards in art goes to:

Janet Laird-Lagassee of Auburn, ME for:

“Wood Pile” by : This is a microcosm of restrained hierarchical order—the essence of variety and unity.

Janet's work is truly outstanding. Each piece entered could have been selected for this award.

We want to congratulate these artist and hope everyone take the opportunity to come in and see these works for themselves.

The 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition will be on display through December 12, 2011 at The Renaissance Art Gallery, 900 8th Street, Suite 20, Huntington, WV.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Juror's Comments: Merit Awards

Juror Robert P. Hutton is a retired art teacher. In his long career at Marshall University, he taught most subjects and is familiar with all facets of fine art. While working his way through the 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition, he put his vast experience to work in the selection of award winners. These awards are awards of special merit, being works that are true to the form of the miniature and themselves outstanding pieces.

For each award given, our Juror, Robert P. Hutton left a comment, a clue to why that piece was chosen. Here are the awards and Mr. Hutton’s comments

Merit Award:

“Rocky Creek” by Beverly Fotheringham North Bend, WA: A well organized turbulence-rich in texture, pattern and deep color.

“The Hermit’s Studio” by H. Francis Sellers of Sandy, UT: A Charming dream- like vision of the neglected artist-at least a dozen micro-miniature paintings within.

And to Gail Mac Argel of St. Peter, MO, a special Mrit award, our

Teacher’s Merit Award.

“Morning Tea” by Gail Mac Argel of St Peter, MO: Interesting play of precise shapes between the subject and the “picture” within the picture.

This is an award sponsored by the artists who teach fine art classes at The Renaissance Art Gallery.

We want to congratulate these artist and hope everyone take the opportunity to come in and see these works for themselves.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Juror's Comments, Honorable Mention

For each award given, our Juror, Robert P. Hutton left a comment, a clue to why that piece was chosen. Here are the awards and Mr. Hutton’s comments

Honorable Mention:

”Ginger Jar & Shell” by Elaine Hahn of Holiday, FL: Intriguing play of geometric pattern from a heightened viewpoint.

“Hidden Treasure” by Debi Davis of Raleigh, NC: This beautifully rendered old rusting car seems a metaphor for all that is passing with time.

“Setting Sun” by Wyn Foland of Lavonia, GA: This work has the fresh and accidental feel of nature.

The 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition will be on display through December 12, 2011 at The Renaissance Art Gallery, 900 8th Street, Suite 20, Huntington, WV

Monday, November 14, 2011

Juror's Comments- Complementary Awards

For each award given, our Juror, Robert P. Hutton left a comment, a clue to why that piece was chosen. Here are the awards and Mr. Hutton’s comments

Complementary Awards:

“ Dampish” by Robbie Poore of Huntington, WV: An array of mechanical elements merges into a new and unified identity of rhythm and pattern.

“Just Another Tree-NOT” by Fern Christian of Huntington, WV: The bold color shapes in this little work takes on a monumental, perhaps macrocosmic feel.

“Hiding” by Anne Grimes of Lavallette, WV: Rich tapestry of warm colors—introspective mood.

The 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition will be on display through December 12, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renaissance Art Gallery 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition Juror’s Statement

Juror’s Statement
 by Robert P. Hutton

Amazing technique, impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite compositional design, and fine draftsmanship—these are some of the strongest impressions that I have taken away from this exhibition. For these considerations alone, I believe that most of the works deserve recognition and appreciation.

Beyond that, the greatest challenge is for each artist to go within, discover a compelling subject or image and then transform it into a personal vision that reflects moods, feelings inner states of mind and even passions. To a varying degree, many of the works in this exhibition reflect that inner self.

I would encourage all artists, of whatever persuasion to continue striving towards an art that embodies their own personal spirit as fully as possible. In doing so we will not only imitate nature or even interpret our world, but as Andre Malraux suggest, we will “rival the scheme of things:

Personal note:

The miniature is an art form I want to hold in my hand like a jewel or something precious. It has the feel of an intimate secret that wants to be looked at from all angles, and up side down, or with a magnifying glass to explore even deeper into the nuances of it making. Sometimes I try to imagine the works filling a whole wall, in many of these concentrated images, I discover a power and presence that surpasses monumental artworks.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Miniature Show

The Renaissance Art Gallery opened its 11th Annual Miniature Exhibition Sunday, November 6, 2011 The Miniature show is our most exciting show of the year. It was one of those rare fall days where everything seemed perfect. The sun was out and the remaining leaves were beautiful

Our juror, Robert P. Hutton, said about the artwork that it showed

"Amazing technique, impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite compositional design, and fine draftsmanship__ these are some of the strongest impressions that I have taken away from this exhibition".

Quite a variety

At the reception, we all got to enjoy mixing with friends and talking about the various miniatures on the wall and more. We also have many 3-dimentional pieces this year, which include stone carvings and wood burning.

Of course, the award winners were announce, but there is more to an art opening reception. You get to experience the artwork with others who also enjoy looking at and talking about artwork.

But if you are interested in who what what, you can visit the gallery website and see the award list:

The Renaissance Art Gallery Website

And there was cake!

A Decade Long Tradition

For over 10 years The Renaissance Art Gallery has been presenting original artwork to the people of the tri-state area. This year we of The Renaissance Art Gallery bring what is the finest of our miniature shows and happily present it as a present to the people of West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. Take a few minutes to enjoy some of the images presented here.

Please come and join us in viewing and enjoying this, our 11th Miniature show. The Miniature Exhibition will be hanging in The Renaissance Art Gallery until December 12, 2011. The Renaissance Art Gallery is located in the former Huntington High School, ground floor.

The Renaissance Art Gallery

900 8th Street, Suite #20

Huntington, WV 25701

Gallery (304) 525-3235

Appointments: (304) 453-3187





Gallery hours are:

Friday & Saturday 12-4 pm, Sunday 1-4 pm

Studio hours Monday 10-Noon, Wednesday 1:00-7:30 pm and Saturday 10-Noon