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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Renaissance Gallery Opening

You are cordially invited to the opening of a new art exhibition at The Renaissance Art Gallery, Sunday June 5, 2011 from 2-4 pm. Not in the Kumkum Majumdar Exhibition Hall, but in the newly renovated Main Gallery.

After months of work the new hall is ready to display the Best Artwork in the Tri-State are, and to celebrate we are proud to welcome you to enjoy our gallery by viewing the outstanding watercolors of artist Ron Haeberle.

Ron was both designer and construction worker of this renovation, so what could be more appropriate than hanging his work to show off the new wall?

“Surf & Turf” is a serious look at landscape painting in watercolor and shows Ron’s progress through this popular and compelling format.

Come and Join us in celebrating our new gallery and enjoy Ron Haeberle's fine watercolors.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Renaissance Gallery’s “Renaissance Man” Show Opens

The Renaissance Art Gallery

The Renaissance Gallery’s “Renaissance Man” Show Opens

Not since Leonardo Davinci has there been so many talents combined in one artist/person!  Ron Haeberle is one of the Tri State’s most prolific watercolor artists creating
works depicting historical buildings and regional recreation sites in his work.  A clean, precise yet impressionistic style makes his art soothing as well as evocative.  But wait… Ron is also the Gallery’s architect, interior designer, master carpenter, flooring specialist, wall and fixture painter, carpet installer and financial adviser. 

Ron has worked all through this past winter and spring to remodel our main Gallery at Renaissance. And we felt it appropriate that he should open it to you with a one-man show.  If you have visited us before, you must come to the reception on June 5th from 2-4 p.m. to see Ron’s work and see his handiwork.  If you are one of the hundreds of people who have driven past us on 8th Street and 9thAvenue saying to yourself  “ want to stop in and see what the Renaissance Gallery is all about”…well now is your chance!  You will have from June 5, 2011 until July 1st to see Ron’s work and our newly renovated Gallery. 

We thank Ron for his undying energy and dedication to The Renaissance Gallery.  He is a man who puts his energy where his mouth is!  And we are blessed to have him. 

Even though we have been in a mess since the beginning trying to keep the Gallery open with everything in the KumKum Majumdar Exhibition Hall during Ron’s work, you still have time to stop in on Wednesday afternoons, Friday and Saturdays from 12-4 p.m. and Sundays 1-4 p.m.
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The Renaissance Art Gallery
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Interesting Work

In every art show there are always a few pieces that stand out. They are not always the ones that win, but they are the ones we remember. And they show the artist’s unique point of view. And the 4th Annual National Spring Fine Arts Exhibiton is no exception

Unique Views
Colleen Harris sent in 3 paintings that at first look didn’t seem to fit the theme, “Parks & Recreation”, but look again. The artist’s unusual portrait style is at first distracting. She is not so married to realism that she lets it interfere with her art. And she is subtle!

“The Fish and Boat that Got Away”, the wild-eyed boy, and howling dog in the background. This is a fishing story? And what a story! Only a little water, a shade different from the sky, and a fleeting glimpse of tail—and a wicked sense of humor! All three paintings require that kind of 2 and 3 look! The other two pieces also show her wit and style.

Sometimes a title will throw us. “The Dump Truck Driver” the entry form read. While unpacking Nancy Garcia’s work, we wondered if she had sent the wrong painting, until we saw it. The sand, the beach and the toy truck! It is a really delightful painting, and a perfect fit for our show.

Other times, no explanation is needed as a familiar landmarks that is recognized by all, as in “Dam Rock—Canaan Valley”

Methods and Media

Then there are methods and media we have not seen for a while. Mary Grassell’s fine art prints are a welcome addition to the show.

Each year one artist manages to surprise us. Leona Mackey’s “Reaching”, a steel and glass composition was one such work this year.

And I have to admit I have grown rather fond of Don Watts bold style. He paints with enthusiasm, and bold colors.

Nostalgia often pulls at our hearts and memories. The sights, the sounds and smells of summers gone by—so well illustrated by Linda Harbison in her “Camden Park series. We have many takes on the amusement Park, from vintage Ferris Wheels, roller coasters to the beloved carousel. Heather Arden also visited the theme of amusement parks but with fine art photography. And a totally different point of view, almost surrealist, jumps off the canvas by artist Debra Shirley, A totally different take on familiar scenes.

Grand National Monuments To Intimate City Parks

Park & Play figured in most of the work in this year’s 4th Annual National Spring Fine Art Exhibition. Magnificent landscapes and majestic seashores result in stunning paintings, but play is also there. Not surprisingly, fishing and boating, two subjects near and dear to many hearts were often the subjects of artwork. But children were also a major part of this show—playing, running and just being.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Success in the Midst of a Mess

We all feel unnerved when we are remodeling...choosing the paint, the floor coverings, the light fixtures, the furniture...it just about drives us all nuts!  In our private homes during a remodel, we can just let everything pile up and not worry about it.  If friends or family stop by we say "Just forgive the mess, we are remodeling."

Well the Artist Members of the Renaissance Gallery chose not to close the doors for our remodel.  Instead we are plowing through it all and still having classes every week on Saturdays and Mondays and Wednesdays.  We have the doors open for our usual days and hours, Friday and Saturday from 12-4 p.m. and Sundays from 1-4 p.m.

Of course we are not worrying about a thing!  We have the KumKum Majumdar Exhibition Hall to conduct our classes, gallery hours and even to open a new spring show called "Parks and Recreation".  You can see

by the look on the face of the Award of  Excellence in the Fine Arts division, Bruce Bowersock, as his winning Ghost Bird goes flying into his left ear...see it?  That is the effect this remodel is having on all of us, but in the middle of it, three yes, count them, three area artists have emailed us wishing to become members of our Gallery.  Wow, is all we can say.  Come on in and join the crowd.

Do we wish we had everything all finished?  Of course, but our member, Ron Haeberle, who is a master carpenter when he is not painting the most breath-taking watercolor paintings of our area, is proceeding at his own pace.  What was that wonderful old quote about marching to a different drummer or something?  Well, that would be Ron.
We just cannot wait for you to see what he has accomplished out of an area that is a hundred years old.  This is success in the midst of a mess.  Watch for the press releases for our reopening when the last nail is driven and the last spot of paint is touched up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This week at the Renaissance Art Gallery

May 6,7 & 8 2011.

Who's minding the store?

Cartoonist Gary Labelle will be sitting the gallery on Friday May 6. This will be the first full day of our 4th Annual National Spring Exhibition, “Parks & Recreation” show. While the main gallery is still being worked on, the exhibition hall is open and packed with fine art. All the tags are now up, and you can see just who won what. Gary is always ready to welcome guests to our gallery. You can also see the progress we are making in the main gallery.

On Saturday our director Fern Christian will hold down the fort after her morning painting class. Knowing Fern, she will have the teakettle on, so come in and join her. Linda Helgason will be in charge of The Renaissance Art Gallery on Sunday, Mother’s day, a good day to take mom to a very friendly art gallery.

The weather is supposed to be better, still somewhat rainy, but not so cold and a bit brighter. Hopefully the worst of the spring rains are past and we can all start to get out and enjoy life a little more. The Gallery is really looking forward to some better weather.

Now for Other Things.

Ron Haeberle will be resuming his work on the main gallery. The closer it get to being done, the more anxious we all are for construction to be done. The Floor has been done, the center wall is up, now we need the new lighting and the south wall to be upgraded.

A Word on our Art Classes

Classes are going strong. Both of our adult painting classes, lead by Fern Christian are active and will be held as usual this week, but drawing classes, held on Wednsdays, are being canceled for the next two weeks. Artist Susan Tschantz will be out of town. Both the Junior Art Class and the Adult drawing Class will resume May 25, 2011. So that means that the May 11 and the May 18th studio hours will not be held and all classes on those days are canceled. If you have any questions, contact The gallery by phone at 304-525-3235 or e-mail at gallerywv@yahoo.com.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fourth Annual National Spring Fine Arts Exhibition: Parks & Recreation

Opening Reception

Welcome to the Gallery

The first of May seems to ignite excitement about places to go and things to do. We are no different at the Renaissance Gallery. With the May 1st opening of our Spring Fine Arts Exhibition, Parks & Recreation, we have on our walls we have over a hundred new ideas. In a show whose theme is all about spring and summer activities, 34 artists from around the tri-state area and across the country entered their work in a themed show to be juried for prizes. Neither the public nor the artists who attended today’s opening were disappointed.

The Artwork

Lillianne Bowersock and Tess van Dijk

Lillianne Bowersock had the honor of anouncing the awards Sunday.

Among the winning artwork for paintings/sculpture are two rather unusual pieces, Tess van Dijk presented a 3-piece work of relief tiles in clay, entitled “Birds at Play and Leona Mackey’s piece “Reaching” is an abstract work of Glass and Steel.

Lillianne gives
Bruce Bowersock the
Award of Excellence

Even our Award of Excellence was a textural watercolor by Bruce Bowersock.

I will try and get better photos of the award winning art. There can be such glare when trying to photograph art under glazing. I can’t wait until we get better lighting in the gallery!

We do have some really intriguing photography this year. Laura Moul entered a collage photograph and we have several that could be take for paintings! “High and Dry” is certainly the kind of photograph that keeps you looking.

But the show is not over yet! Parks & Recreation will hang through the month of May at The Renaissance Art Gallery. Those who have not seen it, make sure you stop buy during gallery hours Friday, Saturday or Sunday. View the show and enjoy our company.


Oh You want to know who won awards?

Yes, there were awards, and here they are:

Fine Arts:

Honorable Mentions went to:

Linda Harbison, “Camden Park #1 ,Larry Sumpter, “New Beginning” and Frankie Wheeler, “Bike Trail Crossing.

Award of Merit went to Tess van Dijk for “Birds at Play”

2nd Place went to Betty Mc Clune for “Two Cats at the Museum” with 1st Place given to Leona Mackey for her steel and glass “Reaching” and finally,

Bruce and his "Ghost Bird"
 the Award of Excellence was given to Bruce Bowersock for the watercolor work “Ghost Bird”.


Honorable mentions: Linda Clifford, “Camden Park Carousel” and Laura Moul, “Mill Reflections”.

Award of Merit went to Jane Ann Long for “Impression of a Yellow Rose” taken in the Ritter Park Rose Garden.

Lilliannne and Jane Long

Second Place went to J. Bird Cremeans for “Family Picnic” and 1st Place was awarded to Sheila Caim for “High and Dry”

All of these works can be seen at The Renaissance Art Gallery during the month of May.

Guests admire art and enjoy the Gallery