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Monday, July 12, 2010

Art Photography Show Opens

Photography Show – Color Complements

Well, we made the paper, and TV! The opening reception for our 2nd Fine Art Photography show, Color Complements made a big splash!

Both Media were out and admiring of the work displayed, and we got more than the simple 30 second shot on the news. They took the time to show a pan of the room, and all the really great photos on display as well as our guests in the Kumkum Majumdar Exhibition Hall. One of our winners, Linda Clifford was interviewed, as well as another guest and two gallery members, Gary Taylor and Michael Adkins. Michael, being an active photographer, was able to give some insights in his TV interview.

You can see the newspaper coverage here, as well as more photos of the opening.


It is gratifying to see the reactions to real fine art photography, to know that we really showed them the art in it. All of the submitted photos show great creativity. I think the caliber of the work enter this year far surpasses last years entries, even if the number was down.

Each and every piece showed that the artist really thought about it. These are not simply what they had on hand, but executed and mounted with this challenge in mind. And it was a difficult challenge for photographers, to feature and work with color complements.

But that is what art is all about, problem solving. We take the problem of how to express what we want, consider our medium and then work out our own particular solution.


  1. I missed the Opening of this beautiful photography show. I entered it, helped hang it and certainly planned to attend the reception. Unforeseen events occurred and I had the opportunity to see my brother who recently had cancer surgery and my sister. We seldom make it to the same places lately and it was a great joy. I came home to discover that I won First Prize for "Clinging Vine"! It was a complete surprise and for any of you who golf at Rivera, this is a fall photo of the old ivy covered barn! It is unenhanced, digital and a very good example of complementary colors. I am honored and humbled that the judge saw the merit of this photograph. Lil Bowersock

  2. We all love this photo, but it is not the only outstanding photo in this show!