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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Black Expo 2010

Gallery member Gary Taylor was so impress with the work he saw when he was invited to be a juror for this year's Juneteenth Celebration, that he immediately asked the sponsoring group, the Huntington Alumnae chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, to bring this group of artists to the Renaissance Gallery. The Juneteenth show, being outdoors, was of of necessity brief.

I could go on, but I will let Gary's own words speak for this show.


I represented The Renaissance Gallery today at the Juneteenth [held on June 19th]

year’s Festivities at the A. D. Lewis Community Center in Huntington, West Virginia. I served as one of three judges for the Black Art Expo under the auspices of the service sorority Delta Sigma Theta.
Two other judges joined me: (1.) Teresa Crisp, a ceramicist and sculptor who has been teaching art courses for young people at the Huntington Museum of Art and who works at the A. D. Lewis Center and (2.) Adrian Blackstock, a student of Michael Cornfeld (Most of you will recall that Prof. Cornfeld served as juror for our spring color complements exhibition.) You can see some of Ms Blackstock's work at

We three had the pleasant experience of agreeing immediately and unanimously on the First Place winner: "Haiti's Situation," a large painted construction piece by Elaine Blue. (Most of you will remember that our gallery hosted a one-woman show of Elaine's work a year ago.) In a youth category, we awarded the top prize to young Alynna Garrett for a blue and green glazed bowl. (A People's Choice award went to JoJo Gardner for a surrealistic oil painting.)
On my say-so, I have invited Delta Sigma Theta to extend an invitation to all of the finalists to bring their work to our gallery for display in August. There will be at most some 15 pieces of work, and they are all artworks of high quality and great variety. It will be to our advantage to have in our gallery the work of these artists in particular:

Frederick Hightower, Sculpture and oil painting.
Elliot Scott, Painting and drawing
JoJo Gardner, Fantasy and surrealistic painting
Brooksie Blue, youngster, Playful versions of anime and comic book figures

A dancer, whose name I didn't catch, left me breathless. She danced an extraordinary piece not up on the stage but right down on the thick grass in A. D. Lewis field in temperatures going north of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Next year, I may go just to eat some more sweet potato pie and fresh fried catfish. And there'll be good gospel and rap and poetry. And did I mention the barbecued ribs?

Best regards,
Gary T.

(drawing is one of Gary's impressions of the Juneteenth Festivities )

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