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Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Drawing Class - Fall 2010

Artist S. Tschantz
First Saturday

1st of 6 drawing days.

Figure drawing started last Saturday after the summer hiatus. It took a little effort to get things organized, but we made it.

It was good to get back to basic—real live drawing. First pose lasted a bit more than the scheduled 20 minutes. Time-boy forgot to set the timer at first! Since Time-boy is also lighting-man, this is understandable and forgivable. Lighting-man had to rush back to is own easel to start his drawings.

Thankfully the oppressive hot weather seemed to break by Saturday, so the gallery was comfortable. We still needed the little fan for Lynn, our model, but we were able to turn off our loud, stand alone air conditioner. One of the drawbacks of being in an old historic building is old pre-central air wiring!

Support and media

Interesting was the different approaches by the artists. Most use large sketchpads, spiral bound to keep the pages together, but not all. There were several newsprint pads as well as one artist who brought a box of full size drawing paper sheets. These sheets or pad were put on easels, but one artist brings a more manageable size pad, which gives her the freedom to walk around the room for just the right point of view. Since she works off a pad she can comfortably hold, she is not tied to one spot.

With this variety of formats is a variety of media. While everyone has an array of pencils, other media is also employed. There were charcoal pencils, vine charcoal sticks, pens, pencils, colored pencils and water media. One artist routinely “sketches” with watercolor washes.

Artist L. Helgasson

There are 5 more Saturdays in this fall session of figure drawing, and there are still 2 spots available to local artists. This session runs through Saturday October 30, 2010, ending the Saturday before the Miniature show.


The Renaissance Art Gallery is convenient for West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, and all adult artists are welcome to one or more drawing sessions.

Class meets Saturday afternoon, 1-4 pm in the Exhibition Hall of The Renaissance Art Gallery.

The Renaissance Art Gallery
900 8th Street, Suite #20
Huntington, WV 25701

Gallery (304) 525-3235
Appointments: (304) 453-3187


Gallery hours are:

Friday & Saturday 12-4 pm, Sunday 1-4 pm
Studio hours Monday 10-Noon, Wednesday 1:00-7:30 pm and Saturday 10-Noon


  1. Organizer Lady was unexpectedly called away so some chaos ensued. Sounds like the group worked things out and from what I see in Susan's sketch above, the class really meshed.

  2. OH, it was really great! There was much art happening, and it was really relaxing!