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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Entry Art Show

Open Entry

Hanging a Show
Each year The Renaissance Art Gallery holds three open entry art shows. Many people are not familiar with this term or concept. Because of the unique nature of The Renaissance Art Gallery’s Miniature Exhibition, the artwork is “juried” by size and media only. If it fits, it’s in.

While many shows only accept traditional miniature work we encourage a more free-range miniature. As much as we love traditional works we feel that contemporary styles can and should hang beside them.

Many show only accept traditional statuary and engraving and do not accept collage and assemblage works. We are rather fond of them. The more the merrier. And abstracts can be done in miniature!

The Renaissance Art Gallery looks for quality in the artwork we display. Most shows require artists to submit slides or digital files. With the work we encourage, that does not always work. And for artists new to showing their work, this process of jurying can be rather intimidating as well as confusing. For our open entry shows we do request that the artists either ship or come in with the actual artwork on the day(s) of submission.

For this reason, our three major shows, those we open to artists outside The Renaissance Art Gallery, are all open entry. The criteria for them are simple. The Miniature Exhibition is juried by size and media. The Spring Fine Arts show by theme, and the summer photography show, well, that one is really foot-loose and fancy free, it only has to start as a photo!

To go over what is required to participate in one of The Renaissance Art Gallery’s open entry shows.

You must be an adult artist, having reached your 18th birthday

You must live in North America

The artwork must be wholly your own, not done under the direction or in a workshop.

It must be original

No derivative works

Derivative works and works done in workshops under the direction of a teacher are not considered original works and cannot be submitted for entry in a judged show. This includes paintings done from photographs other than your own.

For collage and assemblage works, they cannot contain any copyrighted materials.

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