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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring at The Renaissance Art Gallery

S. Tschantz
I Saw A Bud

Pulling into The Renaissance Art Gallery parking lot last Wednesday, I saw a small green bud. The radio was casting out the news of coming bad weather-a return to winter come the weekend,

But I saw a bud

And it was encouraging.

Returned Mail

Waiting by the computer were 3 envelopes containing the prospectus for the Spring Fine Arts Show, “Parks & Recreation”. All were local and all were “return to sender”, “undeliverable as addressed” “unable to forward”. There was a couple more in the mailbox. Like I said, all were local. Of the 10 that came back 9 were members of Tri-State Art Association. So someone is not keeping up their contact information!

If you do not receive your prospectus for the Spring Fine Arts Show by the end of the week, check to make sure we have your current address. All our addresses were taken from the last two open entry show’s entry forms. Another reason to make sure when you use these forms that they are legible. If you did not receive a form, please write to us and update your contact information.

You can get a prospectus by coming into the gallery, or you can request one by e-mail. Renaissance Art Gallery e-mail is gallerywv@yahoo.com.

Anyone interested, is 18 years old or older and lives in North America can also request a prospectus from us, or download one off The Renaissance Art Gallery website.

R. Poore


Robbie Poore has his artwork ready for his April show, but is sweating over the dreaded Artist’s Statement. How many of you have actually written such a document? One of the harder pieces of prose to write! How to you talk about something that is essentially instinctual? An artist’s statement is only second to the Artist’s Biography is giving us poor visual people the hives! If writing the artist statement is soul-bear in its intensity, the artist’s Biography can be down right embarrassing. There is just something about talking about yourself in the third person that seems utterly ridiculous. There is always the question of what to include, what to leave out not to mention, does anyone ever really read those things?

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