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Monday, May 16, 2011

Interesting Work

In every art show there are always a few pieces that stand out. They are not always the ones that win, but they are the ones we remember. And they show the artist’s unique point of view. And the 4th Annual National Spring Fine Arts Exhibiton is no exception

Unique Views
Colleen Harris sent in 3 paintings that at first look didn’t seem to fit the theme, “Parks & Recreation”, but look again. The artist’s unusual portrait style is at first distracting. She is not so married to realism that she lets it interfere with her art. And she is subtle!

“The Fish and Boat that Got Away”, the wild-eyed boy, and howling dog in the background. This is a fishing story? And what a story! Only a little water, a shade different from the sky, and a fleeting glimpse of tail—and a wicked sense of humor! All three paintings require that kind of 2 and 3 look! The other two pieces also show her wit and style.

Sometimes a title will throw us. “The Dump Truck Driver” the entry form read. While unpacking Nancy Garcia’s work, we wondered if she had sent the wrong painting, until we saw it. The sand, the beach and the toy truck! It is a really delightful painting, and a perfect fit for our show.

Other times, no explanation is needed as a familiar landmarks that is recognized by all, as in “Dam Rock—Canaan Valley”

Methods and Media

Then there are methods and media we have not seen for a while. Mary Grassell’s fine art prints are a welcome addition to the show.

Each year one artist manages to surprise us. Leona Mackey’s “Reaching”, a steel and glass composition was one such work this year.

And I have to admit I have grown rather fond of Don Watts bold style. He paints with enthusiasm, and bold colors.

Nostalgia often pulls at our hearts and memories. The sights, the sounds and smells of summers gone by—so well illustrated by Linda Harbison in her “Camden Park series. We have many takes on the amusement Park, from vintage Ferris Wheels, roller coasters to the beloved carousel. Heather Arden also visited the theme of amusement parks but with fine art photography. And a totally different point of view, almost surrealist, jumps off the canvas by artist Debra Shirley, A totally different take on familiar scenes.

Grand National Monuments To Intimate City Parks

Park & Play figured in most of the work in this year’s 4th Annual National Spring Fine Art Exhibition. Magnificent landscapes and majestic seashores result in stunning paintings, but play is also there. Not surprisingly, fishing and boating, two subjects near and dear to many hearts were often the subjects of artwork. But children were also a major part of this show—playing, running and just being.

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