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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Additions to the Renaissance Art Gallery

New Members June 2011

Pati Payne

Pati Payne: Painter—New Member

Artist Pati Payne enjoys life and this enjoyment is reflected in her work. The work submitted to the 4th Annual National Spring Fine Art Exhibition, “Parks & Recreation” is typical for her. Children playing in autumn leaves, flying kites and riding a seesaw in the park. These three works were perfect for this show, yes, but also perfect examples of well developed themes and composition. Each shows her high level of skill and development as an artist. The Renaissance Art Gallery is proud to welcome Pati to its membership and to award her space to permanently display her award winning art.

Linda Harbison: Painter & Sculptor—New Member

Linda Harbison

Many of you who have visited the Renaissance Art Gallery during the Spring Fine Art Exhibition, “Parks & Recreation” have commented on Linda Harbison’s watercolors of Camden Park, one of Huntington, WV’s most beloved landmarks. You will all be pleased to know that painter and sculptor Linda Harbison has joined the Renaissance Art Gallery and will soon have her own display in the main gallery. Over the coming months you can see her artwork in the main gallery, as well as enjoy her company on walk-through on her gallery days.

Laura Moul: Photographer—New Member

Also joining at this time is landscape photographer, Laura Moul. She has been a frequent participant in our annual shows and a long time friend of the Renaissance Art Gallery. She is in her own right a well known and award winning artist. She also will have a permanent presence in the Gallery and will be a valuable resource on fine art photography and all the changes technology has brought to the field.
Laura Moul

One of the nicest things about the Renaissance Art Gallery is the artists. Each and every person manning the gallery is an active-productive artist from our community

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