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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gary Lapelle-Pet Portraits


When people visit the Renaissance Art Gallery, they are told we are an artist co-op. Just what is an artist co-op? It is a group of local artist, who have banned together to create a showplace for our art and share our knowledge of art with them. The Renaissance Art Gallery is a working gallery, filled with working artists.

Getting to know us

We are people. Rather ordinary people who have one extra-ordinary feature. We create art. But just who are we? So let me introduce us.

     Getting to know…

Gary Lapelle

                   Pet Portraits

Gary Lapelle
Most people visiting The Renaissance Art Gallery in Huntington, WV see Gary Lapelle as a cartoonist, but he is more than that. Gary does beautiful animal portraits in acrylic ink. A committed animal lover, Gary’s devotion shows in the beautiful, loving portraits he does of area pets. Capturing an important family member as artwork will be a treasured addition to anyone’s wall d├ęcor. Gary has had years of experience with commissioned pet portraits. By working directly with an experienced artist, a beautiful artwork can be created that could be affordable to most. This is the time of year to be thinking ahead about a wonderful holiday gift, a pet portrait.

G. Lapelle
I am an animal lover myself, so I understand how people feel about their companions” Says Gary.

" I like working with two to three snapshots. What can be seen in one picture might not be seen in another. I can use these to compose a portrait of the pet"

Gary is a true animal lover and worked for animal rights and good care for pets. Gary, worked closely with Help For Animals,Inc., a low-cost animal clinic that encourages people to spay and neuter their pets, to help curb pet over-population.Gary had served on the board of Directors of HFA for ten years and as its president one year.

Help for Animals

He serves on the board of directors of Tri-State Arts Association (TSAA), as well as our Board of Directors here at the Renaissance Art Gallery.

The Renaissance Art Gallery is proud to have Gary as one of its longtime members and accomplished artist. Contact Gary through The Renaissance Art Gallery:

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