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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ending Art Business

A Personal Philosophy

By Linda Helgason

I want to paint you!

Your face, yes, but don’t deny me

The jugular notch.

Twist you neck ‘til cords stand out.

Lift one shoulder almost to your chin.

What if your robe falls away?

We are all gods and goddesses here.”

The art classes I began twenty years ago were intended as an escape from a stressful life. My first landscapes and still life paintings depressed me more—all those tedious leaves and ellipses. But figure drawing! The curvy subjects stared back at me, and the intense concentration needed to capture the short poses gave me art euphoria.

But now it is time to ease out of the business side of art. I will be cutting my prices this fall at the tri-state Art-in-the-Park Festival over Labor Day weekend. This will be the beginning of this process of simplifying my life.

When (years from now) I am cremated with my remaining drawings, I hope it will be a dignified rite, not a three alarm conflagration.” ~ Linda Helgason, Personal Philosophy.

Art in the Park
Linda Helgason will be joining the other artists of Tri-State Art Association in their fall “Art in the Park” festival, September 3 & 4, 2011 in Ritter Park. Linda will be showcasing a lifetime’s work in fine art with both framed and unframed pieces. Her work will be at greatly reduced prices, as Linda will be having a “going out of business” sale. She will be cutting back on her participation in the business aspects of the area art world, and thus will be looking for homes for these pieces.

This sale will be held, rain or shine. In case of bad weather, Linda will have her work at The Renaissance Art Gallery, 900 8th Street, right down the road from Ritter Park.

This is a great opportunity for area art lovers to acquire works from one of the area’s most unique and prolific artists. Linda is a humanist artist. Each line is expressive and communicates her deep love of the human form. Many of her fellow artists hold Linda and her work in high regard, including:

“I think Linda's figure pieces have a relaxed and graceful quality. She makes good use of contour lines and value changes to express form.” ~Linda Harbison, sculptor and watercolorist.

"I like the very direct and decisive lines of her figures. The beautiful and bold washes complement her work." ~Bruce H. Bowersock, artist and teacher.

“Linda's art shows the beauty of the human body with gesture, line and movement. Linda is a true artist. She paints for herself and to show everyone the beauty of our bodies.” ~ Pati Payne, artist.

“Linda's work is expressive as she creatively and artistically represents the beauty of human figures turning them into beautiful artwork.” ~ Laura Moul, Photographer.

When you are in Ritter Park for “Art in the Park” be sure to look for Linda Helgason. Let’s give her our love and support at this time. Stop by and say “Hi”.

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