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Friday, May 25, 2012

Art in the Park

Last weekend the weather was perfect for Art in the Park, 2012. Hot, but the trees offered good shade, and a constant, but light breeze made it perfect for walking around. The nice weather meant lots of people browsing and then buying art.

Ron Haeberle and Friend

Artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery had both a relaxing and successful weekend. Pati Payne got lots of complements on both her hand painted bookmarks and the cards she paints at the Renaissance Art Gallery. Laura Moul also had a great time interacting with fellow artist and the public.
Pati Payne works on a Watercolor
at Art in the Park
Gary Lapelle and his pet Portraits
Artists were out with such a wide range of artwork, just about anything you could have wanted was available. Watercolors, oils, photographs, carvings and more. Along with the different mediums were different uses of those mediums. Yes, there were painting, but also cards and other items.

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