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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Landscapes - Fern Christian

F. Christian
"Fall colors make me want to paint them . I enjoy doing anything that gives me the opportunity to use color. Of course I really don't need an excuse for that, but it is an excuse to get creative with reality. It's the paint running through our veins that makes us crazy! Each one falls short of meeting our ideas of perfection , so we actually think the next one will be the best. We must keep trying!"
~ Fern Christian,
These beautiful paintings are now on display at the Renaissance Art Gallery, along with other works by Fern Christian. Fern is not only an artist, but the founding director of the Renaissance Art Gallery, an artist-run co-op in down town Huntington, WV. She teaches painting in an open studio Monday 10-12:00.

F. Christian

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