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Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Walk with Vernon Howell


Vernon Howell shows his work
In his presentation Sunday, Vernon Howell discussed his early introduction to art and his growing interest as he proceeded through his public school days including his fascination with layering and depth. He then focused on time with influential mentors at Marshall University and later at Syracuse. He gave a bit of art history taken from an "internship" at the National Gallery in Washington. While there he studied the earliest methods of painting with egg wash and later oil media.


He spent time explaining his methods of developing transparencies from common magazine photos and transferring them to his works of art. In an informal question and answer period he discussed his techniques with carved wood relief, layering and the creation of specific pieces.
Art walk in the Renaissance Art Gallery


Vernon Howell explaining how this piece evolved.
Vernon Howell gave a fascinating talk to over a dozen visitors to the Renaissance Art Gallery. He told the group about all the teachers that had  taught and inspired him.  Vernon showed examples of his different art techniques and how he had learned them over the years.  He had enjoyed art through out his life and loved teaching art to high school students.  When he was growing up he wanted to be a coach or art teacher at a collage and had the chance to do both but chose to stay at the high school where his heart was. 
Vernon and Audience
These art walks have been fascinating to hear. The demonstrations informative. The Renaissance Art Gallery plans to continue these demonstrations, talks and workshops through the summer.

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