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Monday, January 20, 2014

Fern Christian On Cold Wax Oil


This is the painting that is done with oil  paint, hard wax, and fused with heat. I liked the way it came together, but, I didn't use a good substrate!


I guess it can be called "Dining on Crow "


I did something  I always tell my students not to do.


Never paint on a substrate that is not intended to be permanent. Or at least considered better than cardboard.


Needless to say, I grabbed a canvas board and explored an idea. I did put a coat of gesso on with a painting knife before I started. Yes it looks OK, but because of the quality of the support, or rather the lack of quality of the support, I will not be able to really show or offer this piece. It is simply not up to my professional standards.
~Fern Christian





Maybe we can display it as something NOT to do.


Fern will not sign this work, nor offer it for sale because, using a substandard substrate put this below her standards of excellence.

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