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Monday, March 24, 2014

Showing Art

Ohio University Show:


Many Faces of Art: the Artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery.


Artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery
Leona Mackey, Laura Moul, Susan Tschantz, Gary Lapelle, Pati Payne
Tess van Dijk, Fern Christian
Tuesday evening was warm and sunny. A huge change from what we had reluctantly become used to. This winter has been totally hard on us! But spring is here and time to break out the lighter jackets and be out and about. Such a joy to be out and about and at the opening reception of a new art show. This time not in our own gallery, but across the river in Proctorville at Ohio University, Southern Proctorville Center. 


The last few months the artists of the Renaissance Art Gallery have not been mopping around (much!) but busy in their studios creating fine art. It shows. The walls at UO are blooming with new artwork. And we got to interact with the art students attending classes at Ohio University.

 Meanwhile, Back at the Renaissance:


Friday and Saturday nights we also had the change to show our stuff to a new audience, those attending Arts Resources for the Tri-States presentation of Pirate of Penzences. Pati Payne and Susan Tschantz worked hard to present each of the artists of the gallery to patrons arriving for the dinner theater and show.
Pati by her newest Painting

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