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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Renaissance Art Gallery

The Renaissance Gallery is an artist’s run co-op gallery in Huntington, West Virginia dedicated to bringing the finest in local original art to the region. As a real brick and mortar gallery, we give local artists a place to display their work and local people a place to see the best the region has to offer. It is accessible to most people, being located on the ground floor of the former Huntington High School, fast becoming a regional center for the arts. We are an easy, comfortable place for people to show and see artworks in West Virginia and the Huntington area.

Membership in our gallery is open to adult artists. As a co-op each member shares in the running of the gallery, taking turns “sitting the gallery” and participating in all the duties and privileges of membership in this cooperative

The Gallery is open to artist and artistic expression, and we routinely display a wide range of art including: Landscape and still life, abstract, batik, photography, experimental art, sculpture, drawing, Miniature Fine Art, and we have commemorative pieces by the Art Resources For The Tri-State.

Our artists work in many mediums including oils, acrylic, fabric, both film and digital photography, computer assisted art, glass, figure paintings. The gallery is open to new and experimental work.

We have an ever-changing exhibition hall, and 3 open exhibitions each year in which artists from all over the region are invited to share their work with the public. These shows are themed and a qualified judge evaluates the work. Each of these events is opened with a public reception. This is an opportunity for both the community to see the best available and for new and established artists to get to know one another and meet the community. We also have hosted local art education shows featuring the work of area students, and plan to expand this in the future. Educators interested in organizing a show for their students are welcome to contact the gallery for more information.

The members of The Renaissance Art Gallery also offer art classes to both adults and students, with classes at different convenient times. We have classes for beginners, hobbyist and mature, established artists.

We are dedicated to bringing artists and the community together.

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