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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Working with the Color Wheel

We hear about color wheels and color complements and triads, but how you to apply this to real life? The colors you see printed on the wheel don’t always match what you run into in life or in paint.

The junior drawing class at the Renaissance Gallery took a stab at relating to the color wheel this week in preparation for the Spring Fine Arts Exhibition, “Color Complements”, being staged at The Renaissance Art Gallery next month.

Today, these art students helped to create an installation piece, “Working With The Color Wheel”.

First came the wheel, the color wheel to display in the welcome to the exhibition. Also needed was to highlight the primary colors and their complements and show what happens when you mix them. Anyone who have ever taken an art class will remember boring making a color wheel can be. But this had to be more than a simple wheel, it also had to be art and decorative. Taking a basket of silk flowers, a grapevine wreath and a pair of wire cutters, a most unusual color wheel was constructed

Next color complement display. Glass marbles served as the color constant, placed in clear votives, where the light can shine through. Next, the best complement was selected from silk flowers and stood up in the votives, then the votive were arranged in the window,

Food Coloring and clear glass bottles make up the last presentation, working with color. Batches of water were mixed up with the 3 primary colors, and 3 bottles were filled with these. Then the remaining colors were used to mix the complements, and the last 3 bottles were filled with these. Then the bottles were arranged on the windowsill where the light will shine through them. A little fiddling and re-arranging for the most pleasing presentation was made.

This installation piece both brightens the gallery and is already proving to be a handy learning tool. The adult photography class, which follows the junior class got a first hand look at color and how light effects it.

These pieces will be on display along with all the other works in the new "Color Complements" Spring Fine Arts Exhibition

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