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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lil Has Gone to London

Lillianne Bowersock
Lillianne Bowersock, one of our more active artists, has gone to London, English to visit her children and grandchildren. They presently live there, and Lillianne has not seen them in several years. Now that she has retired from her teaching job, she is taking the time to visit them.

The gallery will miss her, but all of the members of The Renaissance Gallery are happy that she has this chance to go, and know she will come back to use full of excitement because of her journey.

Lillianne came into the gallery all excited, and a little ashamed, She is deserting us just when the 10Th Annual National Miniature show is opening!

Oh well, we will solder on without her this year, but next year, Lil!

In a whirl, she had to get things organized, packed, etc. As she has several health issues to deal with, it did take some doing, but Lil is nothing if not resourceful!

So after a lot of rushing around, Lil made her flight.

Lil, being the outgoing, friendly person that she is, got into a conversation with her seat mate, who, as it turns our, keeps a blog.

I could not write a better, more flattering and honest a bio of this outstanding artist if I worked all night. It is something we tend not to write about ourselves, but it does not make it less true.


God's Fingers

Read this blog entry and see if you don't think Lillianne is an outstanding person, not just an outstanding artist.

We tend to think of people in terms of their art. She is an artist, a watercolorist, etc. or think about individual works. but you cannot forget that artists are people first. And have lives that should outshine their art.

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