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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Working Up the 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition

3 Onions,
Esther Marie Versch

 Now that the show is hung, you would think things would settle down, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for a show like this. Wednesday October 27, Director Fern Christian and Susan Tschantz worked at tagging the artwork by entry number, making sure the entry number matched the artist’s entry information.

Thursday gallery artist Gary Taylor was on hand to welcome and assist our juror, Marshall University professor Don Van Horn, Dean of the Fine Arts College.

Gary also did a bit of proofreading, Susan Tschantz can do many things, but spell is not one of them. And we are all grateful for Gary’s keen eyes!

Saturday, both before and after our figure drawing class (which went great) we started putting up the identification tags. Since the judging was all over except for the shouting, we can now mark whose is who’s with the miniatures.

Year of the Small, Really Small!

3 Small Pieces
This year that presents a special problem. This seems to be the year of the small, really small! Our miniature exhibition has always been restricted more on size than content, but this year we relaxed the limits slightly to reflect the National Society of Miniaturist and the world Federation of Miniature Artists, so really expected a few larger (for miniatures) works. The opposite seems to have happened. While one of our soapstone sculptures comes in right at eight inches, another is the smallest we have ever gotten, at half an inch by 2 inches. We did get a mixed media painting at less than an inch.

So while we have more pieces and more artist than last year, they actually take up less room! We have 3 tiny works of art on a small shelf.

This year we also have more three-dimensional pieces than last year. Some really interesting sculptures and several pots and stoneware pieces have been entered.

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