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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Bowersock's New Years 2011 Art Resolutions

Every year, every body we know has to mention their New Year's Resolutions during any holiday party or family get together. This year, we have decided NOT to talk about exercise....nor weight gain or loss....nor new and exciting exercise programs that make you sweat and feel miserable! We talked it over while eating Lemon Pound Cake along with hot chocolate with marsh mellows for breakfast yesterday and decided it was just foolish for us to make those kinds of promises. We will just break them and feel guiltier than we do now. We talked about the guilt and then decided that a glass of egg nog goes well with guilt.

Neither one of us felt much better, so we went back to bed and read awhile and took a nap...at 10:30 a.m. By 1 p.m. we found ourselves sitting on the couch in front of our warm fire in the Buck Stove with the Christmas tree lit and our little Snow Village all carefully arranged on the coffee table. While we were writing Christmas cards, we began to talk again about what New Year's resolutions we really want to make.

  • We plan to let the Spirit of Christ's birth and the Christmas angel be our guiding light throughout the coming year.
  • We are going to do some painting of the Snow Villiage that you see pictured here, glowing with the Angel light and find some of our youthful, innocent spirit through the art the we create from this inspirational village.
  • We are GOING to draw, sketch, paint or photograph every day...something worthwhile everyday.
  • We are GOING to clean up Bruce's studio.....again.
  • We are GOING to catalog Bruce's 900 art books and shelve them by subject (ha ha ha).
  • We are GOING to finish building the best "how to draw" website the world has every seen! This site will showcase Bruce and give insight to how he sees, draws, thinks, renders and paints. Visit him at http://www.4artcoach365.com/ if you would like to learn to draw, buy a print, find out some of his favorite art books, blog, email, comment and share your thoughts on art.
  • Bruce is going to learn how Facebook works and interact with you more often.
  • Lil is going to act like a retired person and start doing art again often.
  • We plan to take long walks and observe things around us, talk about positive subjects regarding art and how we can continue to hopefully inspire others to look for the positive, rather than negative.
  • We plan to watch less news on TV and paint more.
  • We have several art vacations on the horizon and hope to escape often to the beach to find our muse!

Have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Bruce and Lillianne Bowersock

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