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Monday, December 6, 2010

End of the Show

Sad but true, this is the final week for the 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. It seems like we have been preparing for it forever! Then it was here, and almost before we know it, it is over.

People's Choice Ballots
We have been going over all the votes in the people’s choice box. The box has been emptied twice! This is the final week of viewing and voting, and it is kind of sad.

This has been a fabulous 6 weeks. The miniatures we have on our walls are outstanding. We have all enjoyed having them and showing them off.

Although the miniature exhibition is always a lot of work for the entire gallery, it is also about the most rewarding of our shows. Each year we welcome back old friends to our walls and become acquainted with new friends as they enter our show for the first time. Over the years we have watched as artists have matured and even taken a different directions. There are many who started entering our shows years ago. For many this was their first attempt at showing their artwork, but now we see them becoming known artists in this field, with collectors coming back year after year to see their entries.

There is always so much to say about the miniature show
The same is true with our quests at the gallery. Of course we invite back all those who have graced our gallery in the past, but it is also exciting to welcome people who have never been to The Renaissance Art Gallery. Even after nine years in the community, people come in saying “I never knew you were here!” Well, we are! And it is nice to be discovered at last! But it is also gratifying to have long time friends bring along their families to our miniature show. When people come back year after year, you know you are doing something right!

This year we had a great deal of success, thanks in no small way to the local media. They really rallied around this show, giving us the feature coverage we needed. Happily, that also meant publicity for deserving but until now less recognized local artists. That is always very satisfying. To help people discover a “new” artist.

"Sitting the Gallery is always much easier during the Miniature Show. There is so much more to talk about, and so many more visitors. As the weather gets colder and the teapot is kept warm, we all enjoy having people stop in and simply talk about art. With the miniature show there is always so much to say!

Another joy we have is watching children react at our receptions. They often don’t know what to expect, but soon overcome any shyness and get into conversations with other artists. They really show their love of art. Many even forgetting to get their cookie!

One more week and this, our 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition will be a memory. The works will be taken down. Those works that sold sent on to their new homes, and other pieces returned to their creators along with our good wishes and thanks for lending them to us. Each and every one of them has been a joy and lightened not only the lives of the members of The Renaissance Art Gallery, but the many, many who viewed them on our walls.

It has been an active show

PS. The final totals for the People’s Choice will be announced next week!

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