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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Fine Art Show

Spring 2011

Finally! A spring thaw!

After days and days of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures, we were beginning to think spring would never come. But February is giving way to March and it looks like there will in fact, be a spring!


And with spring come our Spring Fine Arts Show. This year we have chosen “Parks & Recreation” as the subject/theme of the 4th Annual National Spring Fine Arts Show. Think about it. Create works of art that bring parks and recreation to mind. Will you paint a beautiful landscape of the New River Gorge, or children playing in the park? Or will it be something more interpretive? What medium will you chose?

All fine art mediums are eligible.

Both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works are acceptable as long as they are totally yours and have not been entered into a Renaissance Art Gallery show before.

Boat at Kanawha Falls
No Derivative works

As is standard for any show that is judged for awards, all works must be original to the artist, nor can they be a derivative work. Collage and assemblage pieces cannot contain any copyrighted materials.


In years past, the Fine Art Show has been divided into two shows, one for traditional art medium and another for photography and the growing digital media. This year the schedule will not allow for a separate photography show. Photography and digital media will be included in the spring show.

Anything goes!

One thing we always enjoy about our open entry shows is the variety and ingenuity shown when dealing with our theme subjects. The exhibition hall is filled with lively, one of a kind works. Every year we have beautiful, traditional renderings and wild innovative experiment pieces hanging side by side. It is one of the things that makes the shows at the Renaissance Art Gallery unique and so worth being a part of.


The prospectus for this show is, of course, posted on our website,

Renaissance Art Gallery

or, if you need to,  you can get a pdf of the prospectus by sending us an e-mail at gallerywv@yahoo.com.

Any questions? Leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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