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Friday, April 8, 2011

Exhibition Opening

“Random” Acts Of Art

“Loose buttons, cds &broken eye glasses,

Glued all together to sell to the masses,

“My old computer, can tabs & stretched springs,

These are a few of my favorite things…”

Such is the artist’s statement of Robby Poore. “Random”, the current solo show now hanging at The Renaissance Art Gallery certainly reflects that philosophy of art. The Kumkum Majumdar Exhibition Hall is full of random items arranged and re-arranged into three-dimensional artworks. Nothing is scare and nothing is beyond turning into art by Robbie Poore.

With the opening reception April 3, Huntington, and the surrounding area got a look into the creative mind of a unique artist. Gallery walls were bursting with people. At one point, it was almost impossible to move through the crowd. Person after person remarked, “I would not have thought you could use that” or “oh my, I know what that is!” only after staring at the piece for a full 15 minutes!

Robbie included a rather unique entry plaque, and piece of interactive art! The invitational sign also served as a photo-op for guests. Thus a mood of whimsy and fun started even before guests came through the door!

Gallery members and guests all got a real kick out of this. Even members of the press got involved! When we set up, I thought we might have been too enthusiastic on the refreshments, but the volume and appetite of the public put that worry to rest!

Robbie hangs the last
piece as people start to arrive!

Robbie and the rest of The Renaissance Art Gallery worked right up to the moment guests started to come through the door, but it was worth the effort to have such a successful opening for this show.

Robbie and Entry Art

“Random” can be seen now through April 17th at The Renaissance Art Gallery.

Normally overflow at an opening at The Renaissance Art Gallery would meander into the main gallery, but this month, the main gallery is undergoing extensive remodeling. It is going to be gorgeous, but the transformation process is anything but! Still progress has reached the point where you can see what is developing. The new, central display wall is up, and some of the panels have been covered. The framing still needs to be painting and the new lights hung, but the floor is a new, lighter and brighter color. At last we can see just what the gallery will be in the coming months. Along with these new display walls we will be getting new lighting for the main gallery, something we have long wished for.

Gallery member, Linda Helgsson

Reporter Dave Lavender

Guest, Kathleen

Anchorwoman, Susan Nicholas

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