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Friday, April 29, 2011

Opening Soon! The 4th Annual National Spring Fine Arts Exhibition

Entry Wall of
The Kumkum Majumdar Exhibition Hall

Walls & Walls of Art

The Renaissance Gallery has a busy weekend planned. The 4th Annual National Spring Fine Arts Show is opening this Sunday, May 1.

And boy, is the Kumkum Majumdar Exhibition Hall crowded! I don't think it has ever been this full! We even had to use the rolling display wall!

More Art
34 Artists with over 100 pieces of art

Paintings, sure, but also sculpture, ceramics and fine photos adorn the hall with amazing art! We have art from across the country, but also from across the Tri-State area. Artists from West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio have all contributed work to this show.

Tess van Dijk's "Birds at Play"

Weekend Ahead

Manning the Gallery Friday will be cartoonist, Gary Lapelle. Gary is one of the best pet artists in the area. His love and involvement of animals is reflected in the gentle humor he shows in is work. Saturday, Humanist artist Linda Helgasson will keep the doors open, plus Robbie Poore will be responsible for Sunday. I don't envy him, with the grand opening we have planned for that day!

There Will be Cake!

Amusement Parks a popular Topic

Everyone is invited to join us Sunday for the Grand Opening of the Spring Fine Arts Show. While the main gallery is still under construction (more about that in later blogs) the exhibition hall is open, and the show is a fine one. There are more than a few interesting, experimental pieces in this show, as well as some media/materials we have not seen in a while. New materials represented are tinted charcoal and ceramic and glass. There are both traditional approaches but other really pushed the envelope, especially with in digital photography.

Amusement parks seem to be recurring theme, but each artist and their own takes on them. And of course, the beach is there! Rolling surf and beach fun, the many moods of the beach are there in both realistic and interpretive styles. But quiet moments in the mountains are also reflected in many paintings. So much of our area is pictured.

And of course, Sunday will see many of our artists there. This is the time to connect with them, talk to them about their art and what it means to them to create it, but also to show it to their friends and neighbors.

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