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Our Mission is to promote art and art education in the community and among its members. To encourage and promote a public interest and understanding of art; to create and develop a closer relationship between art and the community and further the education and artistic development of its members.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arts Day at the Capitol

For the Renaissance Art Gallery, Susan Tschantz (me) attended the “Arts Day at the Capitol” in Charleston, WV Jan 25. The Capitol rotunda and upper mezzanine was set-aside for both individual artists and arts groups to show who and what they are. There were people from all over the state, with literature and a willingness to talk and make contact, something our diverse state can make difficult! The natural barriers of the mountain state means that much of the time, artist and artisans work in isolation. Mega Media also means that many people look to the coasts for arts, forgetting that those of us living and working in the “flyover states” are also active producing really interesting work.

Many visual artist had examples of their works on display, Daniele Piasecki has a really eye-catching display of her photography, as did Laura Moul. Booth after booth of arts and arts groups showcasing everything from painting, to art education to performance art was there, as was the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

Arts Resources for the Tri-State, The Renaissance Art Gallery’s landlords, kindly took along information about the gallery to display in their booth. They were just as active in promoting the gallery as their own extensive performing arts programs.

Long discussions were held with other artists and art advocates, and join ventures were discussed. Like having West Virginia Writers, Inc. do a presentation to the junior drawing class to help them develop their story-telling and illustration skills. Personally, I would love to see some of the kids write and illustrate their own stories, not just the stories they see in the movies or on video games.

Lets me more creativity in our youth!


  1. Hardly ever here about anything till after it is all over but I realize I AM to blame most of the time for not really paying much attention to anything outside of this 6' 2" circle that suRRounds me.

    Maybe next time.

  2. I was scheduled to exhibit Clay Song Pottery there, but, unfortunately, had to cancel almost at the last minute. I showed at the last Arts Day at the Capitol. And yes, it's a great way to do some social networking. Glad you had a good experience. It is well deserved for all your hard work. (Still have every intention to set up an area to sell some of my pieces. I somehow can't see to get my act together! Working on Empty Bowls right now, as well as an Open Studio sale and the Dogwood Festival.) Miss ya'll

  3. I went at the last minute, and it was well worth it.