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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Renaissance called on account of Snow

Winter wonderland, but hard on The Renaissance Art Gallery

Winter’s Mastery

Winter has shown itself a master of sculpture again. The Huntington-tri-state area is under a blanket of white and it has just about stopped things in their tracks, or hopefully, in their homes.

For the second time this year, The Renaissance Art Gallery has had to cancel its painting and figure drawing classes on a Saturday. Again, it is simply prudent to cancel all classes, and reschedule them for later in the spring. Hopefully, a full eight weeks of figure drawing can be held.

Although frustrating, it is more an inconvenience than a tragedy. While there is a lot of low temperatures and a great deal of snow, we have not had the ice that went with the last big storm, yet. This is doable. And it is a Saturday, so traffic is light. Sadly for the kids, it does mean that no school was cancels. I know, that is a perfect waste of a snowstorm, but they do come on weekends once in a while!

We will have classes again, and things will get back to normal here. Snow is simply a part of winter in this region. Granted, a bit more than we are used to, and a bit colder, but nothing we can’t handle with good cheer. Stay in and stay warm and enjoy.

Winter's Beauty

And it is beautiful out, really beautiful. A winter wonderland, as long as you don’t have to go anywhere in it! Snow really enhances our lovely mountains. Makes them true winter jewels. When the sun comes out and shines on them, it is breathtaking! The ski resorts are loving it, the fresh power is wonderful to them. So we will enjoy this winter weather while it lasts and get back to normal Monday.

Hopefully, next week we can hold our classes and create some fabulous art. In the meantime, it is a good time to get the camera out and take some reference photos for drawing and painting. Think how great this stuff will look on canvas!

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