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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


by Bruce Bowersock, Instructor

There's a mystery surrounding what artists do in a figure drawing class. It is really quite simple...they look at the very first form every created and try to capture it in pencil, chalk, pastels, watercolors, pens. They look up for 5-8 seconds and then draw. It is quiet, there is much intensity. Everyone there knows that if they can but only capture this shape, they are on the way to a lifetime of drawing enjoyment. Then why do they continue to come back year after year? Even after they have perfected the basics of figure drawing, they crave the freedom of pure line drawing.

People often ask me how I organize a class. It is easy. I give my wife a handful of waded up papers with names on them and she locates and schedules models. Then people sign up and she does something with telephone numbers and calendars and calculators. That's where I come in!

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