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Friday, November 18, 2011

55 Artists On Display

All in one room! That is 165 pieces of fine art!



Miniatures Make It Possible To Assemble A Real Art Collection In One Small Space.

3 works by
Pati Payne
In a decade long tradition, The Renaissance Art Gallery has hung it’s 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Actually, it is now an International Exhibition with artwork coming in from other countries. That is how big this little show has grown! We still bring in the best of the Tri-State, with many local artists bringing their work in, but now it hangs side by side with the best from across the country.

What An Opportunity For You!

The miniature as an art form is one that many people want to hold in their hands like a jewel or something precious. It is a much more intimate format than the large monumental pieces often seen at museums. These small pieces simply beg to be looked at from all angles, to be marveled over and admired. No other format seems to be so personal. These are indeed, concentrated images that please all who see them.

3 works by
Karen Chamblin

The current miniature show at The Renaissance Gallery in Huntington continues to amaze anyone who views it. Miniatures would make a wonderful holiday gift and very detailed paintings are very small (some less than 2 inches by 1 ½ inches). An original miniature from the show could become a collectible artwork. Over 17 states and 2 countries are represented. With 150 pieces of art remaining, the diversity of subjects and styles is amazing too.

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