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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renaissance Art Gallery 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition Juror’s Statement

Juror’s Statement
 by Robert P. Hutton

Amazing technique, impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite compositional design, and fine draftsmanship—these are some of the strongest impressions that I have taken away from this exhibition. For these considerations alone, I believe that most of the works deserve recognition and appreciation.

Beyond that, the greatest challenge is for each artist to go within, discover a compelling subject or image and then transform it into a personal vision that reflects moods, feelings inner states of mind and even passions. To a varying degree, many of the works in this exhibition reflect that inner self.

I would encourage all artists, of whatever persuasion to continue striving towards an art that embodies their own personal spirit as fully as possible. In doing so we will not only imitate nature or even interpret our world, but as Andre Malraux suggest, we will “rival the scheme of things:

Personal note:

The miniature is an art form I want to hold in my hand like a jewel or something precious. It has the feel of an intimate secret that wants to be looked at from all angles, and up side down, or with a magnifying glass to explore even deeper into the nuances of it making. Sometimes I try to imagine the works filling a whole wall, in many of these concentrated images, I discover a power and presence that surpasses monumental artworks.

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