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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Comments on Art in the 11th Miniature Show

There has been a lot of talk about the artwork this year entered into the 11th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Just like people the art is eclectic. Opinions vary as do tastes, but that is what makes a great show.
The work of
Behzad Fallahi

Some people like the more exotic art.

"I enjoyed seeing the paintings by Behzad Fallahi from Esfahan, Iran. They are so beautiful and show the different culture and painting style of that country.

It is a fantastic art show and I am so proud of Renaissance for having it."

~Pati Payne

Others enjoyed getting deeper in the imagery.

"One that stood out for me was Levade by Janet Laird-Lagassee. At first glance, this looked as if it might have been a painting of an equestrian monument with a turbulent sky in the background. Closer examination indicated that it was a still life of a small equestrian statue with glass containers (wine glasses?) in the background. The dramatic sky and rearing pose of the horse got my attention, then the glasses made me realize that there was something else going on."

~Linda Harbison

by Janet Laird-Lagassee

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