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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ann Grimes, Fiber Artist


The Magic Bird
Ann Grimes
"I picture artist Ann Grimes of Lavalette WV in a shepherdess costume, guarding her sheep and plucking puffs of wool from briars to use in making the felt “Canvas” for her pictures.
August Flowers
Ann Grimes


“August Flowers” uses bold dyes to create shapes confined by dark outlines. “The Magic Bird” and “The Wedding” are subjects embellished with appliqué and gold stitching. I’d like to see her demonstrate her unique techniques."
 ~ Linda Helgasen, artist.


Ann is one of our most interesting artists. Working with fibers, she manages to keep to the spirit of the miniature, in pieces that draw the eye, and have you look into them to see just what is happening there.
 ~ Susan Tschantz, Renaissance Art Gallery artist.


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