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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sue Walls - "Pure Affection" - Complimentary Award

Delightful Miniature: Pure Affection

Sue Wall

Pure Affection


"The three works submitted to the show by this artist involved cats, architectural details, and stained glass windows. This one stood out because it was a little less formal, and is just plain “sweet.” The interaction of the two cats is, as the title suggests, is pure affection, and the artist has caught this gesture perfectly. "

~ Jenine Culligan
"There is such a consistency to Sue's work. Each year guests of the Renaissance Gallery are amazed that the skill, detail and emotion she puts into these small masterpieces." ~ the Renaissance Art Gallery
"Sue Wall is one of my favorite artists. Each year she delights both the Gallery Artists and public with her incredible and intimate artwork. She is one of the artists everyone looks forward to seeing." ~ Susan Tschantz, Renaissance Art Gallery Artist.


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