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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gail Mac Argel - Miniaturist

"In the Garden"
Gail Mac Argel

Gail Mac Argel is one of the most popular artist that enters our Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Year after year guest of the Renaissance Art Gallery are amazed by her work. This year was no exception. All three pieces entered were totally amazing. Gayle works in oils, a traditional miniature medium. Her skill is second to none.


Entry 1:  "In the Garden"

“I like everything about it.” ~ Guest Comment

" One of my all-time favorite artists" ~ Susan Tschantz, Renaissance Artist.

Entry 2: "Evening Song"

The detail on this one is mind-boggling. You can count the strings on the violin! There are real notes on that sheet music.
"Evening Song"
Gail Mac Argel


Entry 3: "The Window"

"The Window"
Gail Mac Argel
No one walks by this little painting without leaning forward for a closer look. The blue jays are detailed down to the feathers.

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