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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bob Ievers - Painter

"Alabama Sun"  by Bob Ievers


"It is an intriguing piece that deserves recognition." ~ Guest Comment

"Alabama Sun"
Bob Ievers

“Alabama Sun”  – This strange work appeals to me in a number of ways. It has a pleasing composition, placing the major and minor “objects” in a comfortable arrangement. It has a simple palette with just enough variation to maintain interest. The quiet placement of shadows supplies depth that grows the more you observe the painting, allowing it to suddenly emerge from the frame. Finally it looks like a big M&M – what else do you need!   ~ Ron Haeberle, watercolorist and Renaissance Art Gallery artist.
"When I first saw this piece hanging in the gallery, I thought it was a copper cutout, so totally convincing an oil painting this is." ~ Susan Tschantz, Artist
Bob Ievers is an artist from Horseheads, NY. All of the work he entered show an attention to detail and love of  art that is so typical of miniature artists and make putting on this type of show so rewarding.


[guess comments: comments left on ballots for the People’ Choice Award. These comments are made anonymously and are the sincere responses by guests of the Renaissance Art Gallery.]


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