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Monday, December 9, 2013

13th Annual National Miniature Exhibition Winner's List 2013

Winners List 2013

Juror Jenine Culligan


Complimentary Award (4)


Hossein Fallahi – Rose of Esfaham – 12A

Ted DaubresseOne More Time from the Top – 30B

Sue WallPure Affection – 31B

Yvonne JamesMilady – 10A


Honorable Mention (3)


Carol Rockwell – The Stand Off – 27C

Ronnie Cramer – Ice Skater – 28C

Melinda Fabian – Crab on Deck – 54A



Merit Award (2)


Akiko Watanabe – Mr. Hercule – 8A

Lena Leitzke – San Diego – 23A

1st Place (shared) These two works made it impossible to select one over the other,

thus the shared 1st Place:



Janet Palmer – Swirling Waters – 1A

Janet Laird-Lagassee – Matchless - 18A 



Award of Excellence:

Judith Edgington Bayes – Grandpa’s Apples – 24B

There is one last award, and this one will not be selected until the end of the Exhibition, it is our People's Choice Award.

Each year art lovers who visit the Annual National Miniature Exhibition at the Renaissance Art Gallery cast their votes on what they feel is the most outstanding miniature in the show. This year we have added a space for comments to this ballot. We will be sharing these comments as we review the show daily in our Renaissance Art Gallery Blog.

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