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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nancy Garcia

"Ladies Only" 
This whimsical painting by Nancy Garcia is developing into a favorite.

"Ladies Only"
Nancy Garcia

"Love the whimsy in all of Nancy Garcia’s paintings Whether she is painting is oils or drawing with colored pencils, Nancy Garcia shows a real talent for charm in her paintings. All her works shows this familiarity with a strong sense of humor!"
~ Susan Tschantz, Renaissance Artist

Each of her paintings show a find attention to detail and to the life of the animals that populate her artwork.

"It is so cute!" ~ Guest Comment
"I am naturally drawn to artwork done in colored pencil. I teach drawing after all. Here Nancy shows a complete mastery of the medium, and an understanding of how the colored pencil has changed, matured as a medium over the years. I also love the way the cow is looking out of the picture plane and into our world!"
~ Susan Tschantz

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