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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drawing Fine Art in Miniature

"Music in the Air"
Colored Pencil
Kath Pollack

While paintings are in the majority, entries in the 13th Annual National Miniature Exhibition also include many fine art mediums in addition to paintings. We have sculptures and wood burning. Encaustic and scratchboard. Paper cutting and collage as well as different textile art.


Being a card-carrying member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, (http://www.cpsa.org/)  and the drawing teacher at the Renaissance Art Gallery, I am naturally drawn to those works done with some sort of pencil or pen, or in the case of scratchboard, stylist.


Colored Pencil
Nancy Garcia
"Red Pears"
Colored Pencil
Susan Tschantz
We have a wealth of these works this year.
"Firework Flower"
Colored Pencil
Susan Tschantz
Many of which more than one person thought were oil paintings. Some like Kath Pollack of Dunedin, FL have such a gentle touch that many believed her drawings were watercolors.


"Pennsylvania Covered Bridge"
Dolores Andrew
Yvonne James of Palm Harbor, FL won a complimentary award with her amazing drawing of hat of all things! Finely drawn and detailed. Although he won a Merit Award for “Mr. Hercule”, a painting done in acrylic, his “Study of Gorilla” done in graphite to me is much more intriguing. The gorilla’s eyes seem to look right at you.

So here are just some of the drawings submitted to the Renaissance Art Gallery's 13th Annual National Miniature Exhibition.

When it come to drawing you cannot forget the whimsical and colorful felt pen drawing of Don Watts. Don has been drawing in Huntington, WV for quite some time and always has a different take on things.


One truly outstanding colored pencil painting is Lenore Long Lancaster, of Ridgeley, WV. Her Mountain Path seems to come right off the paper.
It is always fascinating to see just what people come up with in miniature art, and the variety of media is part of the fascination.

"Flowing Colors"
Felt-tip pens
Don Watts
"Mountain Path"
colored Pencil
Lenore Long Lancaster

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