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Friday, December 6, 2013

Encaustic Miniatures

Encaustic Miniatures by Fern Christian


These pieces represent a new media to the Renaissance Art Gallery’s Annual Miniature Exhibition. The use of Encaustics. While an ancient medium it is currently undergoing a revival with new technicalities. It is, in the words of artist Fern Christian, “the most fun you can have with an iron!” 


"Red & White"
Encaustic painting
Susan Tschantz

The Renaissance Art Gallery has held several workshops to re-introduce this media to the area and this year featured works in encaustics.
Fern Christian has employed a small iron as both pallet and brush to create swirls of abstract color. Her work invokes strong moods, “Storm Gathering”, Fantasy Fly” and “Day of Delight” describes feeling. Artist Susan Tschantz takes a more traditional approach with hot wax and a brush in “Red & White” and “Vase on Green”.

Encaustic proved to be a very popular medium. Many visitors were completely fascinated with the introduction of this medium this year.

"Red & White" and "Vase on Green"
Encaustic Paintings
Susan Tschantz

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